The Bouillons to Infuse

A range of ARIAKE

Original: the first bouillon in a pre-measured sachet to infuse

  • Simple usage: we infuse the sachet for a few minutes in the simmering water for a bouillon with the intense flavour and an exceptional limpidity
  • 7 recipes developed for the large-scale catering
  • As in the cuisine: the first noble ingredient is simmered then reduced slowly and dried at a low temperature until the obtainment of granular powder
  • 100 % authentic: rich in 1st nobel material (52 % and 83 % depending on the recipe), without flavour enhancer (glutamates), without colouring agent, without preservative and low-dose of salt
A certain value developed by a chef for the chefs!
Restau I Ambiance Bouillon

7 recipes

  • Dashi Bouillon to infuse : 33% of kombu royal, bonito, miso paste, soy sauce, Shiitake mushroom.
  • Thaï Bouillon to infuse: 80 % of chicken meat, lemongrass, vegetables (ginger, onion, celery, carrot, garlic), curry paste, galanga and some keffir leaves.
  • Chicken Bouillon to infuse: 83 % of chicken meat and juice.
  • Clam Bouillon to infuse: 52 % of shellfish meat and juice.
  • Beef Bouillon to infuse: 71 % of beef extract and juice.
  • Vegetables Bouillon to infuse: 80 % of vegetables (celery, mushroom, carrot, tomato, onion, leek).
  • Shellfish Bouillon to infuse: 53% of shellfish (langoustine extract, shrimp meat).

4 uses

  • Bases of cooking: poaching, moistening meat and fish, cooking of vegetables and starchy foods
  • Bases of sauces: stocks, fumets, lean sauces
  • Bases of soup: clear soup, cream soup, soups
  • Caterer Preparation: jelly (aspic)

Practical information

Two kinds of packaging: A box of 5 sachets, 1 sachet = 2 litres of bouillon / A box of 5 sachets, 1 sachet = 33 cl of bouillon (individual sachet is ideal for the catering, the room service, the take-away business,…). Dashi bouillon :  a box of 4 sachets. Preservation: 12 months at room temperature > infusion sachet is inside of the aluminium sachet