The Bouillons to Infuse

A real concentrated bouillon made of natural ingredients, in a sachet to infuse
To drink

On its own or to liven up as desired.

Preparation : For 33 cl of simmering water over the sachet and let it infuse for 7 minutes. The + well-being : rich in protein, a little salt and small calorie for fat-free and low in carbohydrates. A precious ally to spare oneself a comforting break, rehydrate oneself by filling with nutrients and get a fresh start. Mode opératoire vignettes À boire1
To cook

An exceptional gustative quality to make your sublime recipes.

Preparation: immerse the sachet in 33 cl of simmering water, cover and let it infuse for 7 minutes on a low heat with constant stirring. Mode opératoire vignettes À boire

There are many uses:

  • As cooking base: for poaching, cooking meat or fish, some vegetables; raising the pasta, rice, risottos directly in the cooking water …
  • As sauce base : for some glazes, some sauce stocks, fumets, lean sauces… without forgetting the jelly
Particuliers I Ambiance Bouillon
The secret of the making of ARIAKÉ Bouillon to infuse
Thanks to the mesh of the sachet that holds the lipids, which is contained naturally in the ingredients, the restitution of bouillon is limpid with beautiful natural colour. Its taste is as same as a home-made bouillon after several hours of simmering. Very far from the greasy and salty base of bouillon in cubes, bouillon to infuse revolutionizes the culinary aids!

8 flavours to satisfy all your desires :

  • Dashi Bouillon to infuse : 33% of kombu royal, bonito, miso paste, soy sauce, Shiitake mushroom.
  • Thaï Bouillon to infuse: 80 % of chicken meat and juice, lemongrass, vegetables (ginger, onion, celery, carrot, garlic), red curry past, green curry past, green chilli
  • Chicken Bouillon to infuse: 83 % of chicken meat and juice / 18,5 kcal/sachet
  • Vegetables Bouillon to infuse: 80 % of vegetables (celery, mushroom, carrot, tomato, onion, leek) / 12 kcal/sachet
  • Shellfish Bouillon to infuse: 53% of shellfish (langoustine extract, shrimp meat) / 12 kcal/sachet
  • Clam Bouillon to infuse: 52 % of clam flesh and juice / 12 kcal/sachet
  • Beef Bouillon to infuse: 71 % of beef meat extract and juice / 13 kcal/sachet
  • Organic Chicken Bouillon to infuse: 83% of french organic chicken meat and juice / 18,5 kcal/sachet
Practical informations
Packaging: a box of 5 sachets to infuse Dashi bouillon : box of 4 sachets Preservation: 12 months