The Miso Soup

Finally, the 100% authentic Miso soup to taste anywhere, anytime!
What is the Miso soup?
The Miso paste is traditional Japanese food which appears in the form of fermented paste consisting of a mixture of soya beans, rice, a natural ferment called Koji and the sea salt. The preparation of the miso soup requires some water, the bouillon of seaweed (dashi) and of course the Miso paste. Then everyone adds the ingredients that please him/her; the most traditional ones are: the wakame seaweed, the tofu, the spring onion or the green onion …
The secret of the making of ARIAKÉ Miso soup
Respecting the traditional recipe, ARIAKÉ mixes the Miso paste with the other ingredients that make up its soup in a vat. Then the obtained mixture is dried at low temperature under vacuum to obtain the powder that you find in your sachets of ARIAKÉ Miso.

Preparation : in 2 minutes flat! Particuliers I Ambiance Miso & goût d'ailleurs I Shéma préparation miso

  1. Pour the contents of the sachet into a bowl
  2. Pour 200 ml of simmering water and mix them well
  3. Wait 1 minute before serving
  4. It’s ready, enjoy it Particuliers I Ambiance Miso classiques

3 flavours to satisfy all your desires:

  • Miso & WAKAME MUSHROOMS : 82% of Miso (water, soya beans, rice, salt),, mushroom, wakame seaweed, bonito, yeast extract, green onion, soya fibre.
  • Miso & TOFU: 90% of Miso (water, soya beans, rice, salt), tofu, yeast extract, mushroom juice, wakame seaweed, green onion. 24 kcal/sachet
  • Miso & VEGETABLES : 87% of Miso (water, soya beans, rice, salt), 8% of vegetables (green peas, mushroom, carrot), yeast extract, mushroom juice. 25 kcal/sachet
Practical informations
Packaging: a box of 3 sachets, 1 sachet = 1 bowl of 200 ml Preservation: 12 months at room temperature