The Roasted Juices

A real roast juice, just warm up
In some little touches

To decorate a plate (line, comma…)

Preparation: in a saucepan, reduce with a little butter for a fluid texture or a little sugar for a more solid texture and a slightly sweet taste.
To cook

An exceptional gustative quality to make your sublime recipes.

Preparation: 5 minutes in the double boiler or 20 seconds in the microwave without opening the pouch (800w).

Some applications ideas:

  • As the coating: to accompany the fish, the crustaceans, the meat and the poultry
  • As the base of sauce: simple, creamed, caramelized
  • As the glazing: to glaze the vegetables thanks to their natural shine
  • As the base of vinaigrette (without warming them up): gastronomic, thinness, in the honey, in the “fromage blanc”…
Particuliers I Ambiance Jus
The secrets of the making
The first carefully selected raw ingredients, are « pinched » (roasted) slowly in the oven with some onions, then the obtained sucs are deglazed in the water and reduced for several times before the final filtration which allows us to obtain a ready to use, colored and tasty concentrated roast. The recipes are identical to those used by the Chefs. Only the packaging changes.

3 flavours to satisfy your desires:

  • The Juice of roasted Poultry: 80% of poultry (pieces and fat of chicken), water, onion. 107 kcal/pouch To find all the tips on the Juice of Roasted Poultry, click here , ici
  • The Juice of roasted Veal: 76% of veal (bones, meat and fat of veal), water, onion. 122 kcal/pouch. To find all the tips on the Juice of Roasted Veal, click here, ici
  • The Juice of the roasted Langoustine: 76.3 % of langoustine (head of the langoustine, the whole langoustine), water, tomato paste, sugar, red chilli pepper. 48 kcal/pouch. To find all the tips on the Juice of Roasted Langoustine, click here, ici
Practical informations
Packaging : flexible pouch of 100 ml per unit Preservation : 12 months at room temperature