Infusing broths

New: the 1st pre-dosed infusion bouillon sachet

An Ariaké range

  • Easy to use: infuse the sachet for a few minutes in simmering water for an exceptionally clear, intensely flavored broth.
  • 6 recipes: designed for the restaurant trade
  • Just like in the kitchen: the raw material is simmered, then slowly reduced and dried at low temperature until a granulated powder is obtained.
  • 100% authentic: rich in noble raw materials (from 52% to 83% depending on the recipe), with no flavor enhancers (glutamate), no colorants, no preservatives and low salt content.

A sure-fire value created by a chef for chefs!

4 uses

  • Cooking bases: poaching, wetting meat and fish, cooking vegetables and starches
  • Sauce bases: fonds, fumets, thin sauces
  • Soup bases: consommés, veloutés, soups
  • Catering preparations: jellies

Practical info

  • Two packaging options: Box of 5 sachets = 2 liters of broth / Box of 5 sachets, 1 sachet = 33cl of broth (individual sachet ideal for catering, room service, fast food).
  • Dashi broth: Box of 4 sachets
  • Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature > infusion sachet inside aluminium bags

6 recipes

  • Dashi infusion broth : 33% royal kombu, shiitake mushroom, miso paste, soy sauce and bonito.
  • Thaï infusion broth : 80% poultry, lemongrass, vegetables (ginger, onion, celery, carrot, garlic), curry paste, combats, galanga and a few leaves of kefir lime.
  • Poultry infusion broth : 83% meat and poultry juice.
  • Beef infusion broth : 71% beef extract and juice.
  • Vegetable infusion broth : 80% vegetables (celery, mushroom, carrot, tomato, onion, leek).
  • Shellfish infusion broth : 53% shellfish (langoustine extract, shrimp meat).