Pasty stock base

A Fund range that respects the traditional recipe

  • Easy to use: dilute the paste to obtain the desired consistency and finish, as a sauce base or cooking base.
  • Just like in cooking: noble trimmings (meat, bones, fish carcasses/ trimmings, vegetables) are cooked for a long time at low T° to preserve their flavors. A first juice is then reduced to obtain a concentrated ice cream rich in flavor.
  • 100% authentic: rich in noble ingredients, no vegetable oils, no flavor enhancers (glutamate), no artificial flavors, no colorants, no preservatives.

4 recipes

  • Poultry stock: light background. Short cooking time
  • Veal stock: brown stock. Bones and meat pinched off, colored in the oven and cooked with vegetables and small onions before reduction.
  • Fish stock : fish trimmings and flesh, seasoned with a little white wine before reduction.
  • Vegetable stock :concentrated brown stock, cooked with a hint of vegetables (carrots, onions and leeks)

Practical info

  • Packaging: 500g jar and 3kg bucket (for institutional use)
  • Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature