The Clean Label culinary solutions are dedicated to the manufacturers

  • The Clean Label: It guarantees a natural manufacturing, which means that the processing method is similar to the “home-made” and the clean labelling food (without additives, without added flavourings).
  • Certifications and traceability: our European production sites with IFS, BRC and ISO 14001 certifications are in accordance with the European regulations and with the recommendations of the veterinary services. Possible orders for the ingredients with « Organic» and « Reared in the open air » certifications.
  • Supply: our raw ingredients are 100 % natural and from local producers (EU origin).
  • Innovation: for the production and the renewal of our recipes, we rely on our chefs.
Beyond our range, we produce some « tailor-made » products or repeat the existing recipes in version of Clean Label.

The Pure Extracts
  • Poultry / Beef / Veal / Pork
  • Langoustine / Shrimp / Crab and Fish
  • Mirepoix (mixture of vegetables)

The Chicken Fat

The Cooked Fonds
  • Poultry/ Beef / Veal
  • Fish fumet / Crustacean fumet

The Juices
  • Poultry / Beef / Veal / Langoustine

The Dehydrated Meat : powders or granules
  • Chicken/ Duck / Turkey
  • Beef / Veal /Lamb / Bacon

The Miso Powders
  • Vegetable Miso/ Bonito Miso