The Miso Powder

The miso Japanese recipe in the form of powder

The first miso powder to be used as a soup base or to be cooked: powerful, it supplies a mark of going full steam ahead in the preparation

  • Easy to use: instant powder, the powder dissolves easily; we can also use it as a condiment
  • Faithful to the Japanese recipe: 95 % of miso paste and some shavings of bonito
  • 100 % authentic: without flavour enhancers (glutamates), without artificial flavourings, without colouring agents, without preservatives
An innovative and multi-purpose product is always at hand!
Ariaké - Bol Miso & Tofu

2 uses

  • As a soup base: It is enough to dissolve 10 g of powder to obtain a portion of miso soup to offer or to personalize.
  • As a cooking aid: sprinkle as a spice to season, dilute in hot water to moisten, cook ormarinate, for coating : roll the ingredient to be coated (fish, egg) in the miso powder and fry

Practical informations

Packaging: a jar of 250g (10 g = 1 portion) Preservation: 12 months at room temperature