The Concentrated Fonds

A range of stocks that respects the traditional recipe

  • Easy to use: we dilute the paste to obtain the desired consistency and rendering, as sauce base or cooking base
  • As in the cuisine: the noble trimmings (meat, bones, carcasses / fish trimmings, vegetables) are cooked for a long time at a low temperature ° to preserve the flavour.So, we obtain the first juice then it is reduced until the obtainment of a full-flavoured concentrated paste
  • 100 % authentic: rich in noble ingredient, without vegetable oil, without flavour enhancers (glutamates), without artificial flavourings, without colouring agents, without preservatives
Restau I Ambiance Fonds pâte

4 recipes

  • Poultry stock: clear stock. Short cooking.
  • Veal stock: brown stock. Bone and meat are pinched ; colored in the oven and cooked in vegetables and baby onions before reduction.
  • Fish fumet: trimmings and flesh of fish, seasoned with a little white wine before reduction.
  • Vegetables stock: Brown concentrated stock, cooked with a real taste of vegetables (carrots, onions and leeks).

Practical informations

Packaging: a jar of 500g and a bucket (for a community) Preservation: 12 months at room temperature