The Râmen Soup

The concentrated bouillons for the preparation of the Ramen Soup

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The Râmen soup (pronounced « Lâmen ») is a complete, well-balanced and very popular dish in Japan, consists of noodles served in a bouillon of meat or fish, with some vegetables and is often seasoned in the soy sauce. Our concentrated bouillons allow us to make Ramen soup, identical to the best Japanese restaurants.
  • Easy to use: we dilute the concentrated bouillon in the boiling water, then we add some noodles (Japanese or other) and the garnish of our choice
  • 100 % authentic: without flavour enhancers (glutamates), without colouring agents, without preservatives
  • 4 bases, a vast number of ingrédients: fish, meat, crustaceans, tofu, eggs, corn, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, leeks, broccoli, peppers, onions, spring onion, beansprouts, « pickles » of bamboo, sesame, Nori seaweed…
Fast, cheap and gives the chef a wide choice of recipes!
Restau I Ambiance Soupes Râmen

3 bases

  • Miso: excellent base of the miso soup In Japan: the « Miso Ramen » originates from Hokkaido. We serve it traditionally with stems of spring onion cut into segments, some broccoli and some corn
  • Shoyu: tasty chicken-based bouillon and soy sauce In Japan: shoyu means « soy », the « Shoyu Ramen » comes from Tokyo and group together the soy-based bouillon Ramen soup. We serve them traditionally with some bamboo shoots, some scallions, some Nori seaweed, some boiled eggs and some bean sprouts
  • Tonkotsu: rich and dense pork-based bouillon In Japan: the « Tonkotsu Ramen » comes from Kyushu and groups together the pork bone-based bouillon Ramen soups (recognizable by its white in colour). We serve it traditionally with some « BeniShoga » (red ginger) and thin slices of pork

Practical informations

Packaging: a pouch of 1 L (350 ml = 1 bowl) Preservation: 12 months at the room temperature