The Roasted Juices

A range of ARIAKE

A real full-bodied juice of roast with an exceptional texture

We know that the juices from cooking are difficult to obtain in quantity and in quality: that’s why; we developed our range of ready to use Roast Juices.
  • Easy to use: we immerse the pouch in the double boiler. It can be done again according to the chef’s desires
  • 4 recipes developed for the large-scale catering
  • As in the cuisine: the raw ingredient is roasted slowly in the oven with some onions, then the obtained sucs are deglazed in the water and reduced before the final filtration. Result : ready to use, coloured and tasty juice
  • 100 % natural: rich in noble ingredient (76% to 80 % depending on the recipe), without flavour enhancer (glutamates), without artificial flavourings, without colouring agents, without preservatives, a little salt
Restau I Ambiance Jus

4 recipes

  • The Juice of the roasted Poultry: 88% of poultry (poultry parts, poultry fat), water, onion
  • The Juice of the roasted Veal: 76% of veal (bones, meat and fat of the veal), water, onion
  • The juice of the roasted Langoustine: 76.3 % of langoustine (head of langoustine, the whole langoustine), water, tomato paste, sugar, red chilli pepper
  • The juice of roasted Beef: 72 % of beef (beef bones, concentrated beef bouillon, beef, water, beef fat), veal bones, water, onion

3 uses

  • Hot: in topping or in sauce, as working base for full-bodied or flavoured juices, to glaze some vegetables …
  • Cold or warm: in vinaigrettes or sauces
  • Small-scale: a little touch, a line, decoration on the edge of a plate

Practical informations

Two kinds of packaging: a pouch of 400 ml. Up to 40 portions. Other kinds of packaging are available on request. Preservation: 12 months at room temperature > hermetic pouch